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This article was published on Thursday 31 January, 2013.

Property in Cyprus

Search for property in Cyprus with - the best place to search for all kinds of property located anywhere on this beautiful island. Combining the physical beauty of award winning beaches, a varied and stunning scenery and a long historical and cultural tradition Cyprus can boast of being a true paradise, an ideal place to live or simply spend your holidays.  With plenty of villas, houses and apartments for sale, you can find your dream holiday property in Cyprus on because is the best place to find the most updated listings for all available property types in Cyprus.

What makes Cyprus such a unique and simultaneously distinctive country to live in is the island’s location and history. Despite being located in close proximity to the Middle East, it looks more and more to the west and has been a full member of the European Union since 2004, also adopting the Euro as its currency in 2008. Over the centuries Cyprus has been controlled by most great powers in the region and thus its people have a diverse ancestry. The remnants of the island’s long and sometimes turbulent history are found scattered everywhere and tremendously enrich the scenery and the cultural experience for any inhabitant or visitor to the island.  Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and home to a diverse range of landscapes and towns, each with distinctive features. From the densely forested Troodos Mountains in the island's interior, to the bustling streets of the capital city Lefkosia (Nicosia), ample property options are available in Cyprus. Cyprus is an extremely popular tourist destination for its sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Resort towns such as Agia Napa attract thousands of tourists each year looking for fun and parties throughout the night. More tranquil and picturesque villages and towns are dotted right around the coast, with some superb property in Cyprus for sale. Properties in the towns of Larnaka, Pafos and Lemesos (Limassol) are often surrounded by monuments of historic interest and cultural importance, while throughout the island you can find property near shaded vineyards, ancient monasteries, sandy beaches, citrus groves and castle ruins. In short, Cyprus unquestionable is one of the most vivid locations in all the Mediterranean Sea and an ideal place to buy property in!

Property in Pafos

Property in Paphos, a charming coastal town in the southwest of Cyprus offers buyers spectacular scenery and easy access to some of Cyprus's nicest beaches. The entire town of Pafos is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to the town's rich history the available property options in Pafos are varied and diverse catering for all tastes and needs. A popular tourist destination, Pafos offers a beautiful coastline, impressive white washed villas and a picturesque harbour lined with fishing boats and restaurants. As well as being a great holiday and second home destination, Pafos also offers magnificent history, culture and architecture and its mountainous regions are home to superb monasteries and tranquil villages. Moreover, since all of Cyprus enjoys fantastic weather all around the year, your property in Pafos could pay for itself should you choose to rent it to other short-time visitors when you are not using it yourself!

Property in Lemesos (Limassol)

Lemesos (Limassol) is the second largest city in Cyprus and it is located on the island’s southern coast. Lying between two ancient city-kingdoms and scattered with monuments depicting its long history, Lemesos is today a fast growing modern city, the main port of Cyprus, a major tourist resort and the centre of the island’s wine industry. Therefore, a property in Lemesos could come in handy as a home, or a home away from home, for unforgettable evenings spent wine tasting or strolling along the promenade. Available properties in Lemesos range from modest affordable apartments to super luxurious villas or apartments in new modern buildings, either along the seafront or in the mountainous regions of the district. 

Property in Larnaka

Built on the remains of the ancient city-kingdom of Kition, Larnaka, located on the island's west coast, is the third largest city and home to Cyprus' major international airport - Larnaka International Airport. This feature makes your property in Larnaka easily accessible and can be seen as an added advantage. Having a charm of its own, the city of Larnaka is also the island’s second largest port as well as an important offering numerous beaches along a coastline which extends approximately 25km. Therefore, when deciding to buy any type of property in Larnaka you can benefit from the close proximity to nice beaches and all the facilities and amenities of other nearby tourist resorts.  Larnaka also offers a wide variety of restaurants, bars and cafes for its inhabitants and visitors and available properties include small apartments, bungalows and luxury beach villas.

Property in Ammochostos (Famagusta)

The Ammochostos (Famagusta) region can rightfully boast of having the best and more crowded beaches of Cyprus. Located on the southeast coast, this region hosts the extremely popular holiday resorts of Agia Napa and Paralimni/Protaras, which attract huge numbers of visitors every year, wishing to enjoy the sea, watersports and a bustling night life. Beyond tourist attractions and sightseeing however, this part of Cyprus was once the agricultural heartland of the island and still produces the bulk of the Cypriot potato crop which thrives in its distinctive red soil. Being a property in this part of Cyprus can be a life changing decision, meaning a life of endless holidaying or prove a very wise investment, since holiday properties here can be easily rented out during the peak season to other holiday makers.

Property in Lefkosia (Nicosia)

Lefkosia, the capital of Cyprus, remains the only divided capital in the world. With a rich history dating back to the Bronze Age and situated practically in the centre of Cyprus, Lefkosia is attractive to visitors due to its numerous monuments and because it combines the historic past with the liveliness of a modern city. Always busy and always hotter than the coastal areas, Lefkosia is a thriving shopping and business centre and the seat of government and administration. A range of properties is also available in Lefkosia and its surrounding areas catering for a variety of tastes and needs, including luxury homes, affordable apartments or even business spaces for investment purposes.

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